Calcium IonoPhore GM508 Cult-Active 1

Calcium Ionophore
GM508 Cult-Active is used to activate oocytes for patients with failed fertilization after Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection (ICSI) in previous IVF cycles.
Oocyte activation is characterized by a dramatic rise in intracellular calcium concentration. The initial step of the oocyte activation is triggered by a sperm protein (PLZzeta). The major event is the Ca ++ release from internal calcium stores of the oocyte.
The fertilization rate can be enhanced by mimicking the physiological cell – signalling to the oocyte activation using an activation agent like the Ca++ Ionophore
Gynemed recommend the Ca++ Ionophore for those couples who underwent a previous ICSI cycle with a low fertilization rate, which means fewer than 50%.
Cult-Active 1ml. Vial 1% concentration. 
Cat No:  GM 508CULT-ACTIVE       Shelf life 6 months after production
Calcium IonoPhore
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